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Free Initial Consultation

Unlock peace of mind and informed decision-making with a free consultation—a valuable chance to assess your legal needs, gain insights, and ensure the perfect fit with a lawyer who champions your cause.


Free Initial Consultation

Navigating the search for the perfect attorney can be a difficult process during an already difficult time. Olsen & Olsen understands the importance of trust in legal representation and offers free consultations to ensure that we are the right firm to advocate for your rights.

During this personalized session, you'll have the chance to discuss the specifics of your case, understand potential legal strategies, and gauge our firm's extensive expertise in family law. Take the first step towards a successful resolution and schedule an introductory meeting via phone or with the form below. ​

Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

Communication and Accessibility

Your lawyer works for you and should be readily available to respond and work on your case. Olsen & Olsen is a boutique law firm that takes on fewer cases so that we can ensure white glove service and the highest quality of work for the clients we choose to represent. Our team is highly responsive and committed to bringing empathy and personalized attention to every case. We have represented thousands of clients and will walk you through every step of the legal process as we have done thousands of times before. 

Professional Qualifications and Expertise

You need a lawyer with the experience necessary to guide you through the complexities of California Family Law. Our lead attorney, Casey Olsen, has worked in Family Law for over 35 years and has gone through extensive training and testing to become a Certified Family Law Specialist. Olsen & Olsen has ample experience in all areas of family law, particularly in complex cases needing litigation. 

Legal Fees and Billing Structure

It is important that your lawyer is transparent in billing practices and upfront and honest about potential costs. Specialists go through continued training to stay abreast of all legal developments in their field and do typically charge more for their expertise. If your lawyer is not a specialist, they should not be charging specialist fees. Olsen & Olsen offers reasonable fees for years of legal experience, do not get trapped into thinking a lawyer must be good if they charge an exorbitant fee. Many lawyers hide behind high legal fees to signal to potential clients that they know what they’re doing. This is not always the case.

Approach to Resolving Cases

Not every case requires litigation. At Olsen & Olsen, we promise to do what is best for you and your unique situation. If it is possible to settle outside of court, we will do everything in our power to mediate. However, clients often seek a lawyer because it has proved impossible to reach a resolution on their own. In these and other complex cases needing litigation, we will go through the proper legal channels to fight tooth and nail for your case. Olsen & Olsen are pros at trying cases and have solidified relationships with local courts to guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible.

Location and Jurisdictional Knowledge

It is imperative that your lawyer has tried cases at the court where your case will be heard. Olsen & Olsen has been representing clients in the South Bay and greater LA and Orange counties for over 62 years. We are located right down the street from Torrance Courthouse and have experience litigating cases in all Family Law Courts in LA and Orange County. For a full list of courts, please refer to our location page

Compatibility and Comfort


It is important that you are not only comfortable with your lawyer, but that you trust that they will advocate for your best interests. Our lawyers at Olsen & Olsen provide reliable representation while giving you the realistic legal advice you need to make decisions regarding your case. We are discreet, understanding, and will fight for you like it is our own family on the line. 


If interested in reserving a time for a free initial consultation please fill out the form below or contact us via phone at (310)325-1515 


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